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We are showcasing few students who have been successful in Digital Marketing Industry. We have trained many students, working professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. Our specialty is help the candidate achieve their goals with our training. Our main aim to help you develop a long term career in this field.
Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. – Earl Nightingale
We will help you identify your skills and set your goals with our career oriented program. Making you an Entrepreneur is our ultimate goal.
Student Name Job Title Company Name Location
Aarthi Social Media Specialist Accenture Hyderabad
Shalini Chennabathni Digital Media Specialist Accenture Hyderabad
Harsha Vardhan Google AdWords Accenture Hyderabad
Bhargav Varma Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Shoaib Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Bapi Raju AdWords Associate Google Hyderabad
Shahed Google AdWords Genpact Hyderabad
Anil Netha Digital Marketer PhotoJaanic Goa
Umesh Kumar Digital Marketing Specialist Dubai Company Dubai
Mahesh Digital Marketer MySEOFreeLance Hyderabad
Abdul Mannan Digital Marketer Own Business Hyderabad
Syed Shah Digital Marketer M & M Advertising Saudi Arabia
Akash Manche Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Syed Shah Digital Marketer Life Pharmacy UAE
V Naveen Web Designer Quelabs Technology Hyderabad
Mounika Digital Marketer Digitant Hyderabad
Prasanth Reddy Digital Marketer wearecue Hyderabad
Ajinkya Honrao Digital Marketer Riact Solutions Pvt Ltd Pune
Mohd Azhar Digital Marketer Hyderabad
Prasanth Reddy Digital Marketer Hyderabad
Sushma Digital Marketer Private Company Hyderabad
Abdullah Entrepreneur Vijayawada
Mohsin Digital Marketer Private Company Dubai
Shiva Digital Marketer Own Company Hyderabad
Mohiuddin Digital Marketer ITinfo Group Hyderabad
Ahmed Digital Marketer ITinfo Group Hyderabad
Anil Kumar Digital Marketer Own Company Hyderabad
Aamir Saleh Entrepreneur/Blogger UpdatePedia Gujarat
Tausif Shaik Entrepreneur/Blogger UpdatePedia Gujarat
Santosh Entrepreneur Own Business Bangalore
Asgar Digital Marketer Xpedient Digital Hyderabad
Prem Entrepreneur India
Badeti Nagababu Digital Marketer Irusu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
Waseem Akram Digital Marketer Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
Krishna Vardhan Digital Marketer Wipro Hyderabad
Anjali Ravuri Entrepreneur Own Business Hyderabad
Afshiya Entrepreneur Soften Web Media Gujarat
Imran Ahmed Digital Marketer TCS Hyderabad
Gayathri G Digital Marketer Cognizant Hyderabad
Afsana Shaik Digital Marketer Medvigil Hyderabad
Shaik Khajavali Digital Marketer Delloite Hyderabad
Asif Mohammed Digital Marketer Community Force Hyderabad
Krishna Chaitanya Digital Marketer Corfuit Pvt. Ltd Noida
Amol Khanwalker Digital Marketer Digital Marketing Agency Pune
Payal Maiti Digital Marketer ITinfo Group Hyderabad
Anthony Digital Marketer ITinfo Group Hyderabad
Pavan SEO Fusion Duniya Hyderabad
Disha Rathi Entrepreneur Creativities International Mumbai
Ravi Entrepreneur Ideas Tree Hyderabad
Saurav Digital Marketer Xcelance Web Solutions Chandigarh
Murtuza Entrepreneur Noor Digital Services Mumbai
Abdul Sadeq Khan Entreprenuer ArtnDesign Hyderabad
Saif Mohiuddin Digital Marketer Gratisol Hyderabad
Moin Shaik Digital Marketer Cognizant Hyderabad
Arifuddin Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Shivali Digital Marketer Prodesign Technologies Hyderabad
Arvind Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Aditi Perware Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Khathija Content Marketer Wipro Hyderabad
Naga Gayathri Digital Marketer Byjus Hyderabad
Naveen pabbaraju Digital Marketer Online Academy Hyderabad
Botta Swathi Digital Marketer MedPlus Hyderabad
Shravani Gogula Digital Marketer Accenture Hyderabad
Rupali Dhande Digital Marketer TCS Hyderabad

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